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Mission Statement

Studio 413 VT's mission is to create interesting, unique pieces of art while sharing the joy and usefulness of art as a form of stress relief.

More from the Studio 413 VT Business Plan


Studio 413 VT wants to share art with the world. Low cost, quality art and jewelry always has an audience. The business is giving that audience more choices with its one-of-a-kind paintings, jewelry and novelties. Studio 413 VT travels to customers by attending craft shows, art fairs and flea markets in the Burlington, VT area.

Studio 413 VT further desires to share with others how art can act as both physical and emotional therapy. Sarah shares her own story regarding art as therapy with those who visit Studio 413 VT's booth/tables during sales. Additionally, Studio 413 VT's vision for the future includes low cost or free workshops and classes for anyone who wishes more hands-on experience with art as therapy.




Studio 413 VT envisions a local art community that encourages creativity, helps expose more individuals to a wide array of art, and makes art more accessible in general.

Core Values

Sarah has identified the following core values as the foundation upon which to build Studio 413 VT:

  • Accessibility

  • Creativity

  • Communication

  • Mindfulness

  • Appreciation

Problems Worth Solving

Art plays many vital roles in our society. According to Edgar H. Schein of the MIT Sloan School of Management, art has the following important purposes (Kay, 2000):

  • Stimulating viewers to experience more of the status and events of their surroundings

  • Stimulating viewers to expand their skills and behaviors

  • Legitimizing viewers' aesthetic sense

  • Helping viewers grasp their own creativity

Many people are not exposed to art with which they can identify and appreciate. Further, the cost of art can often be too expensive for many people. Studio 413 VT believes it is the responsibility of conscientious artists to do their part to provide people with the means to view art and, as much as is financially feasible for the artist, assist in making art affordable for many.


Our Solution

Studio 413 VT is traveling to art shows and flea markets in the Burlington, VT area to sell, display and talk about accessible, therapeutic artwork. These shows are often free or have a very small entry fee for consumers. This allows people in a wide variety of economic situations to be exposed to Studio 413 VT's art. Studio 413 VT further has committed to keeping the cost of its art as low as reasonably feasible.


Kay, A. (2000). Art and community development: the role the arts have in regenerating communities. Community development journal, 35(4), 414-424.

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